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Minggu, 17 November 2013

Emirates will shortly open theme park in London

It will soon be available to all tourists a new theme park in the English city of London. It is a place that ensures good dose of fun for all visitors, a highly recommended place for children and adults since it is a very interesting theme park .

The airline Emirates is responsible for opening the theme park , a novelty in London may be a new attraction for the English themselves and also to bet on foreign tourists take a trip and see this park will be available shortly . It is very interesting that when tourists travel to London with new incentives are .

The general theme will be the aviation and from Emirates will be offered to all visitors of the theme park to enjoy much of the history of commercial aviation , different aircraft models over the years . It can be quite an experience for tourists who are interested in this topic and traveling to London.

It is known that this theme park will be located in Greenwich and that can be called Emirates Aviation Experience, a theme park that can be converted into a new entertainment option . The space will be open is about 300 square meters and one of the protagonists are the historical aircraft Jumbos , among many others who will be present at this park that soon will be available to all tourists.